Whether you’re a homeowner seeking a conservatory roof replacement for your existing extension or want to build a new one entirely, it’s worth taking note of the various material options out there. Different conservatory roof materials offer different benefits, and we at Conservatory Makeovers know this more than most. That’s why we’re here to help provide some clarity.  

Any new roof worth its weight should excel in aspects such as energy efficiency, style, security, and light entry, but one type of material might be better at achieving your specific goals in any of these areas than others. What are conservatory roofs made of? A lot of things actually, but hopefully you’ll have a much better idea of which material works best for you after looking through our specific breakdown.  

What is the best type of roof for a conservatory?

Knowing which best conservatory roof material to opt for is entirely dependent on the effect you want to achieve. That’s why we are proud to offer UK homeowners a range of different conservatory roof replacement options.  

From the light-enhancing capabilities provided by glass conservatory roofs to the way a tiled roof removes the separation we think of between additional spaces, we’re confident that there’s an ideal conservatory roof material for you. Let’s take a closer look and find the right one for your home… 

glass roof conservatory top

Glass conservatory roof: maximise light entry

When most homeowners think of transparent conservatory roofs, they’ll likely have nightmarish visions of the loud rain and endless draughts associated with an old-school polycarbonate roof. Thankfully, modern glass conservatory roofs more than resolve many of these issues – and then some. It’s quite clearly the best option to go for if you’re a homeowner wanting to drench your living space in additional light, ideal for when you want to relax or feel closer to your home’s outside while still staying warm and cosy. However, there are many other benefits to a new glass roof.  

Modern glass conservatory roofs not only can offer uninterrupted views of the sky and generous natural light but they’ve also been designed to lock in your heating too, meaning you’ll never struggle to stay warm, 365 days a year. They’re also incredibly weather-resistant, capable of withstanding winds as high as 130mph while remaining watertight. Here’s a breakdown of the key advantages:   

  • Energy efficient: U-values as low as 0.8 W/m2K  
  • Hundreds of frame colours to choose from  
  • Soundproof to stay quiet during harsh rainfall  
  • Highly weather-resistant 
  • 10-year insurance-backed guarantee  

Britnet roof with built in windowsTiled conservatory roof: sophisticated to feel a part of the home

Tiled conservatory roofs are an ideal option for homeowners who want to be able to control the amount of natural light able to penetrate the space. You’ll no doubt feel warm and comfortable thanks to the way a solid conservatory roof integrates better with your home, but they can also incorporate roof lanterns and skylights as needed, depending on where you want the light to enter.  

It’s also the replacement roof choice to go for if you want a bit more flexibility in terms of style. We at Conservatory Makeovers offer a range of tile and slate colours, so it’s easy to make a fashion statement. And then, it should go without saying, tiled roofs generally offer exceptional thermal performance and are fantastic at reducing heat loss, ensuring the space remains warm in the winter months, cool in the summer, and inviting year-round.  

Here are more of the headline benefits:  

  • Energy efficient: U-values as low as 0.8 W/m2K  
  • Superior noise insulation  
  • Lightweight and quick to install  
  • Resistant to extreme weather  
  • Permanent-looking appearance  

A grey Ultra Warmroof conservatory.

Ultra Warmroof: the most revolutionary option

For homeowners who want to enjoy the absolute best in style and thermal efficiency, a patented new conservatory roof conversion called the Ultra Warmroof should always be in the conversation. It offers a vaulted/loft type of ceiling within your conservatory’s interior to make it feel like more a part of the property, using an integrated insulated beam without any cold bridging to achieve exceptional levels of energy efficiency and thermal performance. The cold will be stamped out for good with an Ultra Warmroof installed.  

Style-wise, the Ultra Warmroof is truly transformative to any new or existing conservatory, offering a tiled finish on the outside with a uPVC-clad ceiling on the inside. They’re fully customisable to your specific needs, too, making use of skylights or glass panels as needed to create a hybrid roof. You really can have it all with the Ultra Warmroof.  

Here’s a breakdown of why:   

  • Energy efficient: U-values as low as 0.12 W/m2K 
  • Fast installation with lightweight tiles  
  • uPVC-clad interior for a stylish finish  
  • One of the strongest solid roof options around  
  • 40-year guarantee  

Conservatory roofs made of trusted and reliable materials from us

Now that you know a bit more about the type of materials conservatory roofs are made of, the choice of which makes the most sense for you should be clearer.  

Conservatory Makeovers is a specialist installer for replacement roofs for all types of conservatories, and we will be able to remove and replace your existing roof while compiling with all current building regulations to provide you with a hassle-free upgrade ready for you to enjoy for many years. So, whether it’s a traditional glass upgrade or a modern Warmroof you’re after, let us transform your old conservatory this summer. 

To discuss your ambitions with our team further, be sure to send us a message for free using our dedicated online contact form. 


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