Insulating your conservatory is a fantastic way to refurbish your old conservatory and add serious comfort when you’ve become tired of its non-existent thermal efficiency. We have various insulation products suitable for all conservatory types and can be incorporated into almost any conservatory roof with a no maintenance finish. Insulation is a more cost-effective solution to other refurbishment solutions but how much does conservatory insulation cost? In this blog, we’ll break down the benefits and costs.

Conservatory roof cladding

What is conservatory roof insulation?

At Conservatory Makeovers our roof insulation is tailored to the exact size of your conservatory. Manufactured from a combination of closed-cell insulation and hybris multi-chambered foil blankets originally designed by NASA. We then install attractive internal uPVC shiplap cladding over the insulation, giving the appearance of a fake ceiling, to complete your conservatory upgrade.

How much does conservatory insulation cost?

The price of conservatory insulation can vary greatly depending on several factors including the size, shape and condition of your existing conservatory. Before we carry out any work, we’ll visit your property to discuss your options, measure up your conservatory and confirm that it’s structurally secure enough to handle insulation. We offer conservatory insulation from £1800.00 and we guarantee to beat any like-for-like quote you’ve received elsewhere. On average we’re 40% cheaper than the leading insulation brands. We always offer free, no-obligation quotes after a consultation meeting with a member of our team.

Conservatory roof cladding

The benefits of conservatory roof insulation

Conservatories can struggle with the everchanging weather, lacking the thermal performance as they had when they were originally installed. A common complaint we hear from new customers is that their current conservatory is too hot in the summer and cold in the winter and they’ve come to us for a solution to combat this. Our conservatory roof insulation will keep warmth in during the winter and reduce your energy bills. In the summer insulation will block the heat coming in and keep your conservatory cool. Life-changing.

The layers of our conservatory roof insulation help to reduce the noise pollution that enters your home from outdoors. This is particularly beneficial if you’re surrounded by busy roads or neighbours’ gardens. When the acoustic performance of your conservatory is enhanced, you’ll have more freedom in what you use your conservatory for. We find many of our customers want to use their glazed extensions for home offices so the more noise cancelling the better.

Our conservatory roof insulation is expertly installed to ensure minimal ceiling height is lost. This is critical as a conservatory is typically used to enhance the space in your home whilst providing a light and breezy space that can be enjoyed all year round.

Insulated conservatories in Devon and the South West of England

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