Modern aluminium doors for modern South West homes

Aluminium is the strongest frame material on the market, typically stronger than uPVC doors. As such, only thin frames are required to support a large quantity of glass. This is what makes them ideal for products like bifold, patio and French doors. Achieving the slimmest possible sightlines, they help to flood your home with natural light while maintaining a sleek, minimalist look.

Their slim appearance makes them perfect for modern homes looking to gain that architectural edge. To enhance this effect, black and anthracite grey are extremely popular shades. However, aluminium frames are also compatible with a range of woodgrain effects. So, your doors can also exhibit all the traditional aesthetics of authentic timber, with all the low maintenance of modern aluminium. Furthermore, thanks to state-of-the-art polyamide thermal breaking technology, our aluminium doors can achieve extremely low rates of thermal transfusion to keep your home the optimal temperature all year round.

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    Customise your aluminium doors to the exact style of your home. Popular colours for aluminium include black, anthracite grey and other dark shades. However, we can also offer a range of woodgrain effects. You can also choose from any RAL colour to get the exact look that you want.


    Our doors come with a range of decorative glazing options. Our team are on hand to help you to decide the best look for your home.


    Your safety matters to us. That’s why we only supply aluminium doors with the most durable and resilient frames and glazing. Aluminium is the strongest door material there is, and will withstand any force from potential intruders. However, for maximum peace of mind, all our doors come with the latest security features and accessories as well.

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    Are aluminium doors energy efficient?

    Some would assume that aluminium, being a metal, wouldn’t make a good insulator. However, thanks to polyamide thermal breaking technology, it’s become one of the most thermally efficient door materials available. A thermal break occurs when a layer of plastic is inserted between the internal and external of the frame, creating a ‘break’. This break slows the rate of thermal transfusion, preventing heat from entering your home in Summer, and exiting your home in Winter.

    Aluminium doors with large quantities of glass, like bifold, patio and French doors, can achieve the same astoundingly low U-values as our windows. That means a more comfortable home environment and lower energy bills. Furthermore, since aluminium is 100% recyclable, the doors will help to reduce your carbon footprint at every stage of their life cycle. As a regional business, we care about providing South West homeowners with products that actively improve their wellbeing.

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    Aluminium Door Styles to Consider

    Aluminium is one of the strongest and most malleable materials. As such, it can support a comprehensive range of door styles.

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