Refurbishing your conservatory is a sure way to improve its thermal and acoustic performance while internally enhancing its aesthetic appearance. But did you know it can also increase the overall value of your home? Since the pandemic, we’ve noticed many of our customers are using their conservatories as home offices or gyms and are looking to make their home extensions feel more permanent. We’re often asked whether we’re able to install ceilings into conservatories to create a more homely atmosphere. You can definitely create a ceiling in your conservatory although there are a number of things to consider before going ahead with your refurbishment.

What options do I have when I want to add a ceiling to my conservatory?

Adding a ceiling in your conservatory can be tricky, but with the correct skills, quite simplistic. There’s a lot to consider including how you want to add the ceiling and the look you’re after. We always recommend our customers look at their available budget and use this to weigh up the available options.

Internal insulation and conservatory cladding

internal view of conservatory cladding with skylights

At Conservatory Makeovers, we offer tailor-made conservatory roof insulation options. The installation is enhanced by using a combination of closed-cell insulation and hybris multi-chambered foil blankets. We’re then able to install an internal uPVC shiplap cladding over the top of the insulation to keep it concealed while providing you with an attractive, highly polished ceiling.

We recommend this option to homeowners who are looking to improve the efficiency of their existing conservatory while on a budget. As our insulation and cladding are custom-made, we’re able to install them into any existing conservatory style. However, we can do similar with a plaster finish that you can paint.

Moreover, with the cost of conservatory insulation in the UK varying from brand to brand and company to company, we are able to offer conservatory insulation from £1,800 and we guarantee to beat any like-for-like quote you’ve received elsewhere.

An Ultra Warmroof replacement

When you’re looking to completely transform the appearance of your conservatory, an Ultra Warmroof replacement is the perfect solution. Our Ultra Warmroofs are all made bespoke to your specifications at the place of installation, available in a variety of unique colours. With composite lightweight tiles, they can be fitted to any existing conservatory style. To complete your conservatory refurbishment, you’ll be able to decide on either a uPVC cladded ceiling or a professional plaster finish that can be decorated to your preference.

We recommend this option to homeowners who are looking to invest some more money into their conservatory. Although the outlay is higher for this type of project, please be reminded that replacing your conservatory roof is a guaranteed return on investment. The return is both emotional and financial. If you’re wanting to create the look and feel of a permanent extension, then a plaster-finished ceiling inside an Ultrawarm roof is the perfect solution. We’re even able to incorporate spotlights within the ceiling as well as rooflights to allow natural light to fill your room.

Do I need planning permission to add a ceiling to my conservatory?

It might surprise you to hear that you don’t require planning permission to add a ceiling in your conservatory. Planning permission concerns other matters with regard to exceeding square meterage and other fixed parameters if it completely changed the way your home looked from the exterior, which none of our replacement roof or cladding options would do. If you do live in a conservation or protected area you may be required to seek planning permission from your local council or building authority.

Is it worth putting a proper roof on a conservatory?

Putting a proper roof on an existing conservatory is a great way to improve insulation and enhance your extension’s thermal efficiency. We install glass roofs, tiled roofs and solid roofs, all of which have a number of significant benefits when it comes to conservatory roof replacements.

While a standard polycarbonate roof may be a cheaper option, it does not offer the same sort of insulating properties that one of the aforementioned roof replacements does. As a result of poor insulation, your conservatory is likely not going to be a go-to place because it is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

A grey Ultra Warmroof conservatory.

Full conservatory refurbishments from Conservatory Makeovers

Before completing any refurbishment on your conservatory, we will perform a thorough check of the structural integrity of your existing conservatory. We will never complete work on a conservatory that we deem unsafe for your home or family. In the rare instance, that the structure of your conservatory is unable to withstand upgrading a member of our team will discuss your options with you.

If you are interested in adding a ceiling to your conservatory or want to know about our other refurbishment services, please get in touch with us. We’ll be able to organise a consultation with you and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

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