In 2022 we’ve all experienced an increase in both our energy and heating bills, and they’re only set to increase further. We know that our customers are looking for ways to reduce their energy bills and save money each month. Which is why we have put together this list of the best and smartest ways to reduce your bills.

Have a thermal report carried out

If you’re wondering where you’re losing the most heat from in your home, you could have a thermal report carried out. During a thermal report, a Forward Looking InfraRed (FLIR) camera will be used to highlight areas around your home where heat is escaping, that you may not have otherwise noticed. This will provide you with a list of home improvements you can carry out to help improve the thermal efficiency of your home.

You can easily highlight draughts around the house yourself which will help you work out what may need repairing or replacing. Simply run your hand over your windows and doors on a windy day, wherever you feel cold air coming in there’s a draught.

Replacing your conservatory roof

If you have an older conservatory, you might notice it has started to get cold in the winter but overheating in the summer. One of the most likely causes of the drop in energy efficiency is your existing conservatory roof. Traditionally conservatories were manufactured with polycarbonate roofs, this is because polycarbonate is incredibly strong and able to handle British weather. However, polycarbonate isn’t the most energy-efficient material and after a few years, you’ll definitely notice that it isn’t performing as well as it used to.

p shaped dark rosewood Ultraframe exterior

Upgrading to a modern conservatory roof can completely transform not only the energy efficiency of your conservatory but also the whole aesthetic of your home. You’ll receive exceptional thermal performance from each of our roof options with the ability to choose between a solid roof, a glass roof or a combination of the two. We offer four different types of replacement conservatory roofs.
Glass conservatory roof
Tiled conservatory roof
Solid conservatory roof
Roof lantern

Each of our replacement roof options are A-rated, so you can be certain you’re receiving flawless thermal performance all year round.

Installing a smart meter and monitoring your energy usage

There are many benefits to having a smart meter installed, many energy companies will offer the installation of a meter completely free of charge but it’s always best to consult with your supplier first. By having a smart meter installed you will eliminate the need for your supplier needing to come and read your meters, which also provides for more accurate bills and no more under or overpaying.
A smart meter will also give you live information on your exact energy usage so that you can adjust this and see when you’re wasting energy as well as which appliances are using the most.

Appropriately set your heating

You could be wasting a lot of energy by simply not setting your thermostat correctly. Nearly all thermostats will give you the ability to set a timer for your heating to kick in and what temperature you want it to reach. In the UK the ideal home temperature in the winter is 18 degrees. You should only set your heating to be on in the hours you’re at home and awake. Our advice is if you don’t need the heating, just turn it off, especially as we’re heading into spring.

Upgrading to a composite front door

Entrance doors are a common area where homes lose heat and let the cold in. This can be for a number of reasons but the most common reasons we come across are;
• The door has gotten old
• The door or frame has become damaged
• The door was hung incorrectly originally
• The door has warped, rotted or dropped in the frame

Replacing your door with a modern composite door is the perfect way to reduce draughts and improve the overall energy efficiency of your home. A composite front door is a perfect choice to replace your front door. Our composite doors feature a thermally efficient insulating core that will help trap your desired temperature within your home. The insulating core also improves the strength or your front door for ultimate peace of mind.

Hallmark white composite door

At Conservatory Makeovers, all of our home improvement products are made to measure and expertly fitted. Eliminating the chance of the door not accurately fitting within the frame, which will remove any chance of draughts appearing between the door and the frame.

Reduce your energy bills in 2022 with Conservatory Makeovers

If you’re looking for smart ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home and bring down your energy and heating bills, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. We’re happy to advise you on the best home improvements for your project. You can book a consultation with us online and we’ll offer you a free, no-obligation quote.

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