A traditional, new build conservatory offers many benefits to a homeowner, with the two that are generally regarded to be the best being the mass influx of light into the home and the cost of the increased home floorspace being far less than the cost of a conventional new build extension. Positioning the opening from the house into the conservatory, by method of masonry cut-down or widening the opening by new structural lintels can truly create a conservatory that assists in funnelling an amass of light. That’s why, if you’re a homeowner wanting to transform the back of your household from a dark and dim area to a space that’s more natural and brighter, there’s simply no better solution. However, opting to have a conservatory constructed still begs the question: which modern glass conservatory design that lets the light flood in should you choose? We at Conservatory Makeovers offer many styles, all of which we’ll clearly break down for you here.

side shot of victorian style conservatory

Victorian conservatory

Victorian conservatories

One of the most recognisable and reliable designs, a Victorian conservatory screams vintage style due to its roots in helping older properties maximise the amount of available natural light entry. Its steeped roof is instantly iconic, which when combined with its multi-faceted front helps ensure that the sun is never too far away. If you want to open up your home a bit more, spoiling it with light using a conservatory suited for classic-style homes, a Victorian conservatory is an ideal choice.

Victorian Conservatory Options

Edwardian conservatories

If you’re seeking a classic conservatory style that isn’t quite as decorative on the roof, then you can’t go wrong with an Edwardian option. Its sloped roof and flat front still treat homes to a generous amount of natural light, while maintaining an overtly traditional style that exudes elegance. This style takes its name from how popular it was amongst homeowners during King Edward VI’s reign in the early 20th century. But don’t let that detract you, Edwardian conservatory styles can be installed to perfectly balance modern performance and a classical aesthetic.

Edwardian Conservatory Options

Georgian conservatories

Georgian conservatories are generally less talked about compared to their Victorian and Edwardian cousins, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth considering. Quite the opposite. Their high, sloping roof and flat-fronted design has been a classic choice for well over a hundred years, featuring a generous amount of glazing to let in lashings of natural light. The symmetrical appearance of Georgian conservatories makes it a flexible design suitable for almost every type of home.

Georgian Conservatory Options

lean to conservatory

Lean to conservatory

Lean-to conservatories

Lean-to conservatories or ‘sunlounges’ (as they are sometimes called) are a popular choice amongst homeowners with slightly less budget to work with. They maximise what budget you do have to real satisfaction, leaning neatly onto the side or back of your household to let the light shine on in. They’re thought of as a more modern style thanks to the clean lines and symmetry of frame alignment to the roof, mostly done as standard. The simplicity, great value for money, combined with modern style of gentle or steep slopes to create a natural feeling living space.

Lean-to Conservatory Options

P-shaped conservatories

No prizes for guessing where the P-Shape conservatory style gets its name from. Jokes aside, this is about as exuberant as extended living spaces get, with P-Shape conservatories integrating a prominent “bend” or “corner” into the layout that helps make it feel like a much more organic part of the home. It creates a bright and affable area that will regularly be treated to sunlight all year around. Admittedly, P-Shape conservatories demand a lot of exterior space, but for those that have can enjoy one of the most modern conservatory styles around.

P-shaped Conservatory Options

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