Sometimes you don’t have to completely tear something down in order to get a better result. In fact, within the world of conservatories, it’s extremely common to give your extended living space a makeover using a few effective techniques. This exact approach is what we at Conservatory Makeovers have dedicated time to perfecting over the years, allowing existing homeowners to improve the overall warmth and comfort of their conservatory with some useful ideas of the ultimate makeover. Here we’ll break down three of the most effective…

Refresh the interior with thermally efficient cladding
Image of internal cladding within a conservatory

So often do we focus on what a conservatory looks like on the outside, it’s sometimes easy to forget that there’s plenty that can be done to improve energy efficiency from within and create the ultimate makeover. Interior cladding is the perfect means in which to do this, replacing a fully glazed conservatory roof to truly lock in heat that would otherwise escape. Not only will this result in lower U-values and improved thermal retention, but the cladding aesthetic will also make your conservatory feel more like a natural part of the home, seamlessly blending your living spaces. Another option being to insulate and then plaster for a gorgeous, homely finish. We can cover roof glass internally with a special lining to increase efficiency and to make outside look great, offering a total solution.

Invest in an Ultra Warmroof system replacement

If you’re a homeowner who wants to go the whole hog with a conservatory makeover, one of the best avenues is of course the roof. There are plenty of energy efficient options out there, but we would always recommend a system known as the Ultra Warmroof above all else as the ultimate makeover. Not only is it up to 25% cheaper compared to rival solutions like Supalite and Guardian, but it also achieves some of the lowest U-values around: just 0.12 W/m2k when installed correctly. It’s a solid roof design that can incorporate as much glazing as you’d like, too, offering lashings of natural light entry in addition to year-round comfort. Music to the ears of many.

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Replace the surrounding windows with improved glazing

glass roof shot at angle Ultraframe

Obviously one of the major differences between a conservatory and an orangery is that the former is made up of mostly glass or polycarbonate. That’s why it’s important to invest in a type of glazing that is just as energy efficient and high performing as your conservatory’s roof. If you haven’t already, getting double glazed frames fitted is a must as the more layers, the better when it comes to retaining heat. Triple glazing then provides additional heat retention, while improving on the space’s acoustic insulation qualities too. Though, newly fitted, enhanced double glazed frames are normally enough for the ultimate makeover, as old, tired, existing frames can twist after decades and let air in through gaps as the hinges fail. With a full upgrade, you’ll be able to enjoy peace as well as warmth and get your money back over time with reduced energy bills.

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If you find yourself not making full use out of your existing conservatory and want to do something about that, any of these top conservatory makeover tips have the potential to change that. To find out how and at what cost, get in touch with a member of our team using our online quote. We’d be more than happy to get back to you with a free quote.

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