At Conservatory Makeovers, our commitment is to deliver our customers top-quality conservatory renovations and home improvement services. We take great pride in our work, and our aim is to help you maximise the potential of your new conservatory refurbishment. During our years of experience, we have witnessed our customers get creative with the ways in which they utilise their space. From replacing old conservatories and orangeries with new ones to installing a conservatory roof replacement, adding insulation, or updating to modern double glazing to improve the thermal performance of an existing conservatory, UK homeowners are looking for ways to make their extra space more useable throughout the year and Conservatory Makeovers can help you achieve it.

Once you have refurbished your conservatory, there are plenty of different options for what you can use the space for. In this blog, we’ve outlined just a few ways you can use your newly refurbished conservatory.

More Living Space

With your new look conservatory, you will have another place to unwind and relax in. Whether you prefer sipping a warm morning coffee, or sharing an evening glass of wine with family or friends, this versatile space provides the perfect setting. Or perhaps you want to curl up with a good book whilst being able to take in the beautiful outside views. Add a cosy armchair, a colourful rug, and some cushions and you’ll probably find yourself finding quite a bit of time in your conservatory!

Interior shot of modern glass roof conservatory

Dining Room

Maximise the space in your kitchen by considering using your conservatory as a dining area. You could reserve it as a formal dining room kept off limits aside from special occasions, or make the most of the space by using it as a regular family gathering spot to enjoy meals and catch up on one another’s days. This works particularly well when the old polycarbonate roof or glass roof has been replaced with a modern alternative to improve thermal efficiency and prevent heat loss, resulting in a comfortable ambient temperature in which to enjoy a relaxing meal with family or friends.

Kids Playroom

Are you a parent tired of feeling like you are constantly tidying up toys? Are you looking for a practical solution to allow your kids to play freely but also keep your home in check? Look no further than your newly refurbished conservatory! This versatile room offers the perfect place for your kids to play to their heart’s content without causing chaos throughout the rest of the home. With Conservatory Makeovers, you can ensure your new conservatory will have similar energy efficiency as the rest of your home, meaning it will be kept at an optimal temperature for your kids all year round.

Home Gym

Although Covid lockdown is now long gone, the prospect of a home gym is still certainly a luxury that many of us would love to have. Your newly refurbished conservatory is an effective way to provide a private and convenient space that allows you to work out without a commute and on your own terms – what a dream! The natural light that your newly refurbished conservatory invites will help to boost your energy and mood, positively enhancing your workout. Depending on the specifications you choose, it would be wonderful to open modern uPVC patio doors or bifold doors to allow ventilation during exercise, whilst inviting fresh air into the space. All you’ll need is a few weights, mats and machines if you wish, and you’re ready to go!

back of house - conservatory with bifold doors

Home Office

As remote work has become increasingly common, creating a comfortable home office has become a necessity for many. A dedicated workspace that allows you to get your head down with no distractions is a good option. Your renovated conservatory can offer just that, with its bright and airy atmosphere, modern look and scenic views of the outdoors. Working in such a space can help boost productivity and motivation throughout the day.

Meditation Space

Turn your conservatory space into a serene meditation area with just a few simple touches. Think candles, lava lamps, cushions and crystals, all of which will bring calmness and relaxation to your practice. Using your conservatory as a meditation space could be a great way to create the perfect sanctuary and is the ideal way to give your refurbished conservatory a new lease of life. Your conservatory will feel fresh, airy and inviting, giving you an ultimate oasis perfect for connecting with your thoughts and can make a huge difference to your overall quality of life.

Art Studio

For artists, a studio with an abundance of natural light is a dream come true. So what better location for an art studio than a conservatory that allows that sunlight to beam in all day long. With the natural light flooding in, there is no need for artificial light. This not only saves energy but can also reduce energy bills and gives your space a modern feel. Additionally, the glass panels offer stunning views of nature, which could be great inspiration for your next piece.

interior of modern conservatory


If you or a family member runs a beauty business that operates from a spare room in the house, you may be seeking ways to give your family more space and give clients a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. A newly refurbished conservatory would be the perfect space to free up room in your home, as well as give clients a fresh and welcoming area to relax in.

Home Bar

If you love hosting, why not consider using your conservatory as the perfect area to entertain? Welcome guests for a weekend tipple and in the summer, just picture the airy and bright conservatory as the ideal place to sit back, relax and enjoy a catch-up with friends over a freshly made cocktail. You can do all this whilst enjoying the surrounding views of the fresh outdoor space.

Games Room

Another way to use your conservatory for entertainment is as a games room. While we already discussed utilising the space as a playroom earlier, this time we are talking about a games room for the grown-ups! Think a pool table, maybe a bit of foosball, or games consoles. Ladies, you may not like this one so much, but it sounds like a man cave from heaven! side shot in interior of conservatory

Pet Room

Last but not least, let’s not forget about our beloved pets! A newly renovated conservatory can be an ideal spot for your furry friends. By adding a comfortable bed, a box of toys, and a water bowl, you can create a cosy space for your pet to relax in. Dogs, in particular, love to bask in the sun, so your conservatory can be a great place for them to catch some rays. With Conservatory Makeovers, you can rest assured that your new conservatory will be thermally efficient, ensuring your pet won’t ever get too hot or too cold.


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